Katherina Acevedo

Katherina Acevedo is a Mexican photographer based in Los Angeles, California. She started to photograph in 2013 and has had exhibitions,  publications and multiple collaborations during this time.

It wasn’t until she became a mom in 2018 that she started her project “Motherhood” with the intention of documenting this process in the life of a woman. Motherhood was a very challenging and transformative event in Katherina's life and she soon realized there are big taboos around it and that few people talked about certain aspects of the experience. This project was also a way of starting a network of moms where they can support and share with each other.  She started to capture these moments in the life of her friends, family and eventually strangers with the intention of giving them a memory of their dreams, their wonder years and of the women they won’t ever be again. She likes to capture the essence of motherhood, the relationship between mother and child and what it is like to be a mother in this time. “Even being so hard, motherhood is the most beautiful expression of a woman.“

Besides “Motherhood” she has different projects were she connects with other parts of her being and with the human condition. Photography is not just an extension of herself but also a way of healing.

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